2015/2016 Course Schedule Available

The 2015/2016 Sioux City Dental Society Schedule is now available

Registration Details: schedule_2015-16

10/09/15    Dr. Alan Herford      Options for Rebuilding Jaw Defects Prior to Implant Placement: Predictable Grafting and Role of Growth Factors

                  AM: Joni Miller       9:00 Am- 11:00 AM Infection Control

11/13/15    Dr. Ernie Luce        AM: Emergency Medicine

PM: Medical Myths in the Dental Office

1/08/16     Dr. Jeff Rouse        AM: Comprehensive Implant Update

PM: Airway & Esthetics

02/12/16    Laura Hatch                    Front Office Rocks: How a patient Flows Through the Office      

03/11/16    Dr. David Landwehr       State of the Art Endodontics: Diagnosis to Restoration



   Alan Herford – No objectives available at this time

   Joni Miller  WITCC Staff     Infection Control: No objectives available at this time

11/13/15   Ernie Luce, DDS

   AM: Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office

  • Managing a medical emergency is a team event
  • Appropriate use of Oxygen, there are lots of time we DO NOT need it
  • Syncope
  • Chest Pain/Heart Attack/ Cardiac Arrest/ Asthma/Seizure
  • Hyper/hypo glycemia/ Stroke/ TIA/ Allergy/ Anaphylaxis


PM:  Medical Myths in Dentistry

  • Managing anti coagulated Patients
  • Managing patients with a history of steroid use
  • Can we have too much oxygen
  • My patient had a heart attck, when can we do elective dentistry
  • Patients with pacemakers/implanted defibrillators, can we use cavitrons, apex locators etc?
  • My patient is pregnant, can we sedate her, can we use epinepherine?
  • Sedation with benzodiazepines in patients with glaucoma, what is the big deal?
  • Where do we stand with antibiotic prophylaxis for patients with prosthetic joints?

01/08/16: Jeff Rouse  

Can I Ask a Question About Implants?”

Having restored subperiosteal, transmandibular, blades and all forms of endosseous implants over the past 25 years, Dr Rouse has created a lecture where many unanswered questions can be answered…”bar or attachment”,“single crowns or multi-unit”, “prefabricated or custom abutment”,  “cement or screw retained”, “hybrid or overdenture”, etc.,etc.,etc. While it is intuitive that a single implant cannot be appropriate for every case, implant prosthodontics has become one size fits all. Each implant design has inherent prosthetic benefits and limitations. This lecture classifies the implant systems based on the prosthetic connection and discusses case types best served by each design.

Attendees will learn:

  1. Implant platform requirements for improved prosthetic predictability in cases involving single teeth up to full arches.
  2. Benefits of custom abutments over prefabricated and why it is more affordable than most think
  3. Implant overdenture designs and how they differ between maxilla and mandible
  4. Cement or screw retain…or both?

“ Global Diagnosis and Sleep Prosthodontics: Blending the How and the Why”

The most difficult cases in dentistry involve worn and/or fractured teeth. With wear comes a change in the dentoalveolar complex and the tooth. This course provides both a systematic approach to the interdisciplinary diagnosis and sequential treatment of these complex cases and a unique insight into the triggering factors leading to the damage. Dr Rouse will present a diagnostic method based on the concept of “global” diagnosis.  The guidelines will be distilled into the “Five Questions” required to diagnose and provide interdisciplinary treatment of the worn smile. He will expand the lecture beyond the traditional “How To” providing a provocative perspective on the “Why” questions concerning facial form, tooth wear, lip mobility, and occlusal relationships. This evidence-based analysis argues that airway maintenance elicits the confounding challenges that the Global Diagnosis highlights.


Attendees should learn:

  1. Use the Global Analysis measurements to produce a proper rehabilitation diagnosis
  2. Compare and contrast orthodontic intrusion/extrusion and periodontal grafting/ crown lengthening as tools for correcting gingival architecture deficiencies
  3. Understand the different sleep breathing disorders and their potential relationship to craniofacial and dental alteration

02/12/16   Laura Hatch, Front Office Rocks

  How a patient flows Through the Office: From the First Phone Call to the Final Review

Marketing – getting the phone to ring

Getting new patients in the door – now that the phone has rung it is the staff’s goal to make them a new patient

Answering the phones – offering great customer service and learning how to handle the patient issues and questions

New Patient Appointment and the importance of excellent customer service

Treatment plan presentations that get patients to understand and appoint for their treatment

Talking money with the patient – explaining fees, insurance and actually asking for the payment

Scheduling – learning how to get the patient to appoint to build a productive schedule every day for both the doctors and     hygiene department

Good Follow up to make sure patients are happy Getting patients to refer more and tell others


03/11/16    David Landwehr

   State of the Art Endodontics: Diagnosis to Restoration – no objectives available at this time

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