January 12 SCDS Meeting – Two courses offered including Infection Control

The January 12, 2018 SCDS meeting will consist of two courses:

  • 8 am (morning) Infection Control
  • 8 am (full day course) Dr. Zola Makrauer DMD, MAGDFull Mouth Reconstruction or Single Tooth Implants, Let’s Make it Happen!


    Course description:


    Do you ever wonder what keeps your patients from accepting more effective comprehensive treatment options? Are you or your team members sometimes challenged in the clinical processes or treatment discussions related to full mouth reconstruction or single tooth implants


    This course will help you maximize the treatment discussion opportunities that occur during the hygiene visit.  Both you and your team members will learn simple processes that you will be able to immediately implement to help you increase case acceptance.


    Implant placement and restorative techniques in the esthetic zone, esthetic risk assessment and case difficulty will also be discussed. Optimizing esthetic outcomes in implant dentistry from the findings of the 5th ITI Consensus Conference to consistently complete implant restorations with a minimum of complications will be reviewed.


    Learning objectives:


    • Communicating benefits of the single implant vs. fixed bridge in a way a patient will value
    • Create a process that will make it easy for the patient to commit to and schedule with the specialist
    • Minimize the objections to care
    • Learn how time issues affect your patients decisions regarding treatment options
    • Improving your interdisciplinary relationship with your specialist affects your patient’s viewpoint of the care you provide.
    • Understand the “why” and “what” you can do to create a seamless patient care process.
    • Treatment planning, case evaluation employing ERA and understanding patient expectations
    • Restorative techniques resulting in successful well fitting restorations
    • Esthetic zone implant surgery and restorative techniques
    • Evaluating the esthetic risk profile, and utilizing the SAC assessment tool
    • Gaining case acceptance in the hygiene visit
    • The use of guide templates
    • Techniques to minimize or eliminate cement problems
    • Locators: Process in the mouth or out
    • Impression techniques to relate subgingival contours to the lab technician
    • Steps for restoring full arch early load implant cases, The Pro Arch Concept
    • The latest and greatest new abutments utilized in full mouth restorations (SRA)
    • Working with your specialist and how to communicate utilizing the team approach



    Speaker Bio:

    Dr. Makrauer, his patients, and his team have benefited from the interdisciplinary care process. He has had extensive training in cosmetic, and implant reconstructive dentistry, and maintains a full time practice in Huntingdon Valley, Pa.

    He speaks National and Internationally on Practice management and Implant restorative dentistry. Dr. Makrauer is a part time clinical instructor at the Kornberg School of Dentistry. Additionally, he has been published in a national peer review dental journal, The Compendium, and has also been published in Starget.  Dr. Makrauer maintains memberships with numerous dental organizations and is a Fellow of the International Team for Implantology (ITI) of Basel, Switzerland and a Master of the Academy of General Dentistry.  Dr. Makrauer is also the past president of the Eastern Dental Society.



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