Handouts for Anderson and Baker Lectures Friday November 12

We look forward to seeing everyone on Friday November 12, 2021. The schedule and handout links are below:

  • Ronda Anderson- 8am-9am – Infection Control (1 hr CE)
  • Professor Karen Baker
    • 9-10am – Update COVID Myths and Best Practices
    • 10:15-12pm – Dental Antibiotic Stewardship After a Global Pandemic
    • 1-2pm – The Opioid Epidemic & Dental Implications
    • 2-3pm – How to Choose the Best Regimen for Patient Specific Pain Control

Bookmark or download the following PDF handouts for Friday’s course. There will be limited copies available so please plan to follow along on your own device.

NOTE: We also invite you to fill out a survey that can be found at the head table on ways we can improve.

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