CE Cards are complete

CE cards are complete for the October 9th meeting. Thank you everyone for your patience. Please double check not only your inbox but your spam folders as well. CEs were sent out in PDF form, you may need an Adobe flash drive to download your file. Please print these cards, sign under participants name, and KEEP THEM FOR YOUR RECORDS. Just like your regular dental cards. If anyone had any problems with their cards please contact me directly. You can also email siouxcitydentalsociety@outlook.com

We hope you all enjoyed the virtual meeting!! We hope to see all of you registered for the Nov. 13th meeting. THANK YOU EVERYONE šŸ¦·

Christina Edwardson

Virtual Presentation Slides available

Use the following link to access the slides from each of today’s virtual meeting:


Virtual Meeting Link

Follow this link to access registration for the virtual meeting: CLICK HERE!!

Virtual Meeting Details

The Sioux City Dental Society Virtual Website has been finalized!

Please register for the meeting the day of the event. We will open the website portal and registration at 7:15 AM on Friday, October 9. We advise you to log on early to ensure there are no complications.

What to do:

1) Check the SCDS Website or Facebook Page Friday morning, 7:15 AM-7:45 AM

2) Click on the Website Link Provided

3) Individually register for the event with your personal email and info

4) Enjoy the CE individually or in your office team setting

5) After each speaker, please re-enter the portal to register for the next CE session

6) We will email the CE cards out within 2-3 weeks of the completed CE


These meetings will be available after their original live stream for 24 hours. Please use this same portal to access the meetings you may have missed. Q&A will be available in real-time during the meetings: there will be an ICON to click on to submit your question (Must have YouTube or Google account).

Schedule for Friday, October 9

7:15 AM- Website Portal release on SCDS website and Facebook page

8:00-9:00 AM- Ronda Anderson- Jurisprudence

9:15-11:15 AM- Tamra Hoffman RDH- Radiology

11:15 AM- 12:00 PM- Break/Lunch

12:00 PM-4:00 PM- Dr. Thikurissy- Management of the Immature Pulp in Traumatic and Carious Scenarios

Thank you for your patience, understanding, and communication during this time.


The Sioux City Dental Society

SCDS Update – Virtual Courses Fall 2020

ATTN: Sioux City dental professionals and supporting staff,

We are writing to update everyone for our first two meetings this Fall for the dental society. The Sioux City Dental Society is committed to providing the highest quality continuing education possible. We have been continually monitoring the Covid-19 situation locally and nationally, and have weighed many factors and options for this Fall. We have all had to make changes in our practices and daily lives to face this challenge. Due to the current situation, speaker travel, and other factors, it has been determined that the first two scheduled meetings (October and November) will be held completely virtually. They will be performed on the same dates and times as planned. We have confirmed our formats are in accordance with the surrounding states and AGD for CE qualification.

We appreciate your flexibility and patience during this time as we implement a new virtual platform. We are attempting to duplicate as in-person experience by working closely with a specialized media firm.

We are designing a webpage that will be utilized for our first virtual dental meeting on the originally scheduled date of October 9th, starting at 8 AM. Each attendee will need to register for this meeting individually. One email address may be used per staff member. CE cards will be distributed electronically through email based off of these pre-registrations at the conclusion of the meeting. The meeting itself will follow the scheduled times with one change: Dr. Sarat Thikurissy will speak from 12-4. This will ensure that everyone will be able to attend all virtual sessions. Q&A will be available during these sessions with a brief questionnaire following the speaker.

Please continue to monitor our website and social media for meeting updates. A link to the October meeting registration should be available soon. Questions or comments can be directed to officers of the Sioux City Dental Society.

Thank you for being flexible and understanding at this time. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.


The Sioux City Dental Society